Rules & Regulations

Who can participate?

Chefs’ Hour National Innovation Challenge is open to any restaurant registered with Chefs’ Hour, which entitles every chef to special offers and discounts at Food Lovers Market. Registration is free and simple.

How to Register

Step 1. Please notify us of your intention to participate (and/or join Chefs’ Hour) by sending  an email to and you may also call  (+230) 59351662.

Step 2. One of our team members will register you for the competition and provide you with more information. Once registered, you will be provided with a gift voucher which you can redeem at any of the Food Lovers Market outlets for 1kg of Green or Sun Gold Zespri Kiwi to enable you to prepare the dish you are entering into the competition.

Step 3. After you have prepared your first dish, you will send the photo and the recipe. If the dish meets the rules you will receive confirmation that YOU ARE NOW REGISTERED.

DEADLINE: All Chefs entries/registration forms and photos of dishes and recipes must be submitted by close of business on 9th November 2018.

Competition process

1. We will share a photo and/or video of the dish you prepared on Chef’s Hour Facebook page and Food Lover’s Market website
2. After the Picture is posted online, the Link will be sent to you whereby you can invite your friends and customers to like your picture. Tip: encourage your customers to taste the dish you are competing with, you get more Likes.
3. Chefs’ Hour National Innovation Competition stickers and posters will be given to you for display at the entrance of your restaurant.
4. The Top 10 restaurants with the highest number of Likes will be chosen as Finalists. The organisers and the jury will allocate two additional slots to the participants of their choice who may have not qualified by Facebook Likes but whose recipe exhibits exceptional use of the key ingredients.
5. The finalists will be invited for a live cooking competition in front of the jury. The winners will be declared within three working days.

Terms & Conditions

1. Only one entry per restaurant will be accepted
2. Entry forms must be signed and approved by both the owner of the company and by the chef.
3. Participants are required to put up a competition poster and the sticker (supplied by the Chefs Hour) at the public entrance of the restaurant promoting the dish that is competing. The poster must be displayed throughout the competition and will contain the logo of the sponsor.
4. At no time are the participants allowed to accept any other sponsorship for this competition except those provided by Chefs’ Hour and their main sponsor Zespri Kiwi.
5. The dish must be available on the menu throughout the competition.
6. By signing the registration form, participants grant Chef’s Hour’s corporate owners mainly FVC Distribution and Sumida Ltd. the full rights over the recipe submitted including cooking, production, selling and publishing rights without any compensation or credit to the participant and the recipe owner.
7. We reserve the right to deregister and exclude from the competition any participant without giving explanations to the participant.
8. This competition does not grant right to any participant to use the name of Food Lover’s Market, Zespri Kiwi, Sumida Ltd, FVC Distribution or any other name associated with the promoter.
9. Limited right to use the name Zespri Kiwi and Chef’s Hour within participant premises is granted at the sole discretion of the promoter.
10. The winners of the Competition have the right to refer to themselves as such without consulting the promoter.
11. Participants are free to promote their establishment and their careers by referring to themselves as National Innovation Challenge participants.


12. The participants are not entitled to any compensation, refund or fee linked to the work done during this competition.
13. The Prize money should be divided between the chef and restaurants at their own discretion.
14. The prize money is as follows: 1st Prize MUR 50,000, 2nd Prize MUR 30,000, 3rd Prize MUR 20,000. It is payable within thirty days from the announcement of the winners. Any tax liability is for the recipient of the prize.  


15. The recipes MUST include Zespri Kiwi. The name of the dish must include the word: KIWI
16. The recipes MUST BE original innovation designed for this competition.
17. The recipes that are considered to be starters, sauces, snacks, salads and main course dishes are judged with higher points.
18. The selling price should not exceed MUR 150 per portion.
19. The food costs should not exceed 35%.
20. The recipe should include Zespri Kiwi not just as a decoration but as an ingredient.
21. The more integrated the kiwi is into the cooking process and with other ingredients the higher are the points given.