Roasted Tomato Pesto with Roasted Almonds

September 17, 2018

Delicious smooth nutty condiment made of roasted tomatoes, almonds and capers. Great as a dipping sauce or on your pasta. Summer is almost here...

  • Prep: 15 mins
  • Cook: 30 mins
  • Yields: 10 servings


800g Tomatoes

2 Garlic cloves

8 sprigs of fresh Thyme

40g Roasted salted Almonds

20g Capers

90g Olive oil

3g Salt

2g Pepper


1Pre-heat oven at 1800C

2Wash & core tomatoes

3Cut tomatoes in half and lay out on a wire rack + baking tray (for drippings)

4Slice garlic and add a slither on each tomato half

5Place thyme sprigs on top of halved tomatoes

6Drizzle with some of the olive oil and season lightly

7Roast in the oven for 30 mins (until reduced by a third in size)

8In the same oven, roast the almonds for 5 mins

9Cool both tomatoes and almonds on the counter for 15 mins

10In a food processor, blend garlic, tomatoes, capers and olive oil until smooth

11Add almonds last to the food processor and roughly chop into chunks

12Taste and adjust seasoning. Note: The pesto should be smooth with small chunks of almonds for texture. It can be served as a dip, sauce for pasta, or even on bread as a tapas