Chatini Cashew Nut

A Mauritian staple for lunch or dinner. Made with cashews instead of the usual peanuts, this dip is delicious on rice, rotisserie, bread or even pasta. Tasty and good for you!

Banana Cake

Try our deliciously light banana cake and dark chocolate made with Waitrose Dutchy Organic brown flour. Make it yourself with the help of our recipe guide.

Aztec Shake

Enjoy a perfect caffeinated jump-start to the summer. An intense and smooth drink with coffee, cinnamon, maple syrup, cocoa bits, cream and ice. Behold the Aztec shake has arrived!

Coconut Cream Cake

Light and fragrant egg free cake flavoured with coconut cream. Best enjoyed with coffee or tea.


Waterlemon Cooler

Local watermelon juice blended with our Waitrose lemon sorbet and a dash of fresh lemon to create a vibrant and tangy cooler.

Mixed Fruit Compote

Chopped apricot and peach slices in fruit juice, slowly cooked with honey and vanilla.

Onion & Feta Tart

Enjoy a taste of lightly sweet and savoury tart with a sprinkle of thyme to be enjoyed as a quick lunch. Do not forget your greens for a full meal.

Chocolate Superfood Smoothie

Have this delicious smoothie made with Heba & Cacao powder. Enjoy as a breakfast replacement meal or as a post workout drink. Superfood your diet with these energizing ingredients.

Sesame Seeds and Peanut Chocolate Bar

Lightly roasted sesame seeds and honey roasted peanuts covered with dark chocolate.

Alouda – vegetarian

Light & Moist Vanilla Cake

Moist and light vanilla cake baked with B-well canola oil.

Roasted Tomato Pesto with Roasted Almonds

Delicious smooth nutty condiment made of roasted tomatoes, almonds and capers. Great as a dipping sauce or on your pasta. Summer is almost here...

Freshly Baked Focaccia

Soft and chewy focaccia flavoured with wild rosemary and olive oil. The nice crispy crust gives an added crunchy bite.

Velvety Tomato Soup

Get inspired with our smooth and luscious soup made of Waitrose organic passata with an added touch of maple syrup. Add croutons for some texture to make those last days of winter more enjoyable or go crazy with cheesy toast!

Coffee Flavoured Buttery Cake

Delicious buttery cake made of aromatic and smooth Waitrose coffee.

Thai Coconut Corn Soup

Fresh Artisan Bread made with Waitrose Flour

Strong organic flour, made with high protein wheat, perfect for bread, buns, and pizza dough, and suitable for both handmade dough and bread machines.

Delicious Waitrose Soup

Heartwarming delicious instant soup

Juicy mixed fruit crumble

Delicious mix of pear and rhubarb with a delicate hint of cinnamon and topped with a crisp butter crumble.

Chia Warrior Juice

Energizing apple and carrot juice mixed with chewy chia seeds

Alpine Muesli Boost

Waitrose muesli mixed with yogurt, milk,honey, and lightly roasted sunflower seeds topped with sliced strawberries and apples.

Crispy Cornflakes Chocolate Crunch

Crispy Waitrose Essential cornflakes coated with a decadent of 72% dark chocolate.



Mediterranean Pasta Salad – Gluten Free & Vegetarian

Excite your appetite with a taste of our gluten free Mediterranean green pea pasta salad, made with feta, grapes, and olives.

Flourless Chocolate Cake

Discover our deliciously light, flourless dark chocolate cake made with You first quinoa.

Date barfi with mixed nuts and coconut

Broccoli and mozzarella samosa

Red curry satay chicken wings

Breadfruit croquette with creamy tomato sauce

Vegetable fritters

Gateau patate in flavoured syrup